Some things to keep in mind when preparing for your portrait session

   Remember, the objective of this session is to create a beautiful, sensitive portrait, which shows the relationships and personalities of each person in the portrait. For this reason keep the clothing very subtle but be careful so as not to dress anyone in an outfit that is not an expression of their personality, or clothing that they do not want to wear. This will show in their expression negatively . . . not what we are after. When you are comfortable with your clothing your “best” will show through.

   What you want to avoid is having any one person “jump” out of the portrait because
he or she is dressed in a lighter or brighter outfit or a different style than everyone else.
Work for balance, harmony, and color coordination and your completed portrait will be superb because of this careful planning!

   When you discuss the upcoming photographic session with your children, please do not instruct them to “smile” or “ to do exactly as Jeff says”, etc. Simply let them know how excited you are about the portrait session, and leave everything else to me.

   One of the keys to the success and beauty of your portrait is my ability to help you, your children and the rest of the family feel at ease during the portrait session. You will have a great time. I promise!

   If there is anyone in your family who is particularly worried about being photographed, or has a special concern, be sure to let me know in private during your design consultation. There are many techniques we can employ to minimize these concerns. Communication is the key. I look forward to providing you with a portrait that will be treasured for years to come.

   If you have any questions please call me anytime. And don’t worry; I’ll help you with everything, because this is what I do!


A Clothing Guide and some other suggestions

   Our goal is to create a timeless and beautiful portrait of you and your family, and the best way to begin is to remember these three things . . . SIMPLE, SUBTLE AND COORDINATE.

   There are three styles of portraits. Casual, Dressy, and Formal. Coordinating your outfits is a very important consideration, not only in style but in colors and themes as well.

   Casual portraits are excellent choices for outdoor or location environments. Denim or khakis are very popular for this style. Coordinated shirts, blouses, sweaters or pullovers define this style. Dressy portraits are distinguished by the use of jackets, ties or suits for the men and dresses or suits for the women. Formal attire is distinctive in that tuxedos and gowns are the preferred choice.

   Any of these styles are excellent choices for your portrait. Simple clothing and solid colors photograph best, as they are not distracting. I realize that many clothes have patterns these days so subtle is the key word here. Your clothes should be plain and simple not loud and busy. If there are several of you in your portrait you must coordinate your clothing selections to help achieve a pleasing final portrait. Not only with colors but patterns and styles. If possible, lie out the chosen outfits together and see if one or more outfits “fight” with the others. Half-length or long sleeves are always suggested especially for women.

   Above all we want you to feel comfortable with your clothing selections. Do not wear clothing that is not “your” style. There’s nothing worse than putting on a shirt and tie or a dress for a portrait if that is not your family’s lifestyle. I don’t want you to look at the final portraits and wonder, “who are these people”!

   One of the best ways to decide on a color is to look at the dominant color of the room your portrait will be displayed in and dress to that color. You are now decorating with your fine art portrait.


Some other things you should know before your portrait session

    Make-up: Eye shadow should be applied lightly. The center point of interest is the eyes. Apply two coats of mascara; both on the upper and lower eyelashes. Wear your other make-up as usual. DO NOT apply more than usual as the camera sees what is there. Bring all your make-up with you in case any minor modification is required.

    Be sure to shave just prior to your appointment, as there is no way to hide a five o’clock shadow in a portrait, even with today’s digital technology.

    If you or any of your family wear glasses that darken in the sunlight I strongly suggest that you do not wear them for your portrait session. If you wear glassed ALL of the time I suggest you wear another pair that DO NOT darken in the sun. You can also have your favorite eye doctor loan you a pair of frames that are simi
lar to your glasses just for the portrait session. Not having lenses in the portrait will not be a problem.

Retouching & Image Enhancement:
    With the digital technology available today there are a lot of items that can be removed/enhanced/replaced in a digital image. However, as is my practice, if it can be “fixed” before the photograph is taken I will do that! While I am rather experienced with image manipulation software, it is not a FREE service. My normal routine for a portrait enhancement is to soften facial lines and remove blemishes. That is included with every portrait. Any additional digital work required or requested will be handled on a cost-per-item basis starting at $75/hour in 15 minute increments.


Projection appointment and ordering policies

   A projection appointment will be scheduled very soon after the portrait session. At this appointment your original images will be presented to you with our innovative projection system. Because of the many styles and prices of our portraits, we will assist you with your selections in the studio! With this technology we are able to project your original images to all of the available sizes. I realize this is a meaningful investment for you so I want your decisions to be the right ones. There is no additional charge for this service.

   The original images are placed in our projection system, and, therefore do not leave the studio at any time. If you have a question about this, please ask us prior to your portrait session, so there are no misunderstandings at a later date.

   What a thrill it is to see your portraits projected! Be sure to bring everyone who is involved in making the final decisions.

   Because of the great response to our style of photography, session fees are prepaid
to reserve the time required to plan and create your portraits. The session fee is separate from the purchase price of your finished portraits, and assures you of our unique consultation service.

   Due to the custom nature of our product, we ask that you place your order and pay the amount due at the time of your projection appointment.

   Did I mention . . . your portraits are guaranteed to your satisfaction . . . 100%!

   If you have any questions please feel free to call me.


5 reasons why I should frame your finished portrait.

   1) I make it easy!
Too many choices make it difficult to invest in a frame. I can suggest frames that will both enhance your portrait and coordinate with your décor. I offer the most popular traditional and contemporary frame mouldings that are available today.

   2) I can save you money!
I charge you less for the same product. In fact we get our frame mouldings and
accessories from many of the same companies as the local frame shops. Since I don’t have the overhead that a mall frame shop has, well, you do the math!

   3) I can save you time!
With the variety of choices that I provides doesn’t it make sense to avoid a long day of shop-to-shop frame hunting? We will discuss and plan framing at the projection appointment so when the portraits are finished, they are framed and ready to hang the moment you get home.

   4) I guarantee it!
If the frame shop damages your portrait who will pay for another one? When I frame your portraits they are guaranteed for life.

   5) I care!
Your portrait will be a treasured heirloom. You should be able to feel at ease knowing your investment is protected. A portrait from Jeff Johnson Fine Art Portraits it is guaranteed! For life!


A L L   I M A G E S   C O P Y R I G H T   J E F F   J O H N S O N   F I N E   A R T   P O R T R A I T S