What makes a portrait from Jeff Johnson Fine Art Portraits so special?

   I have been photographing my entire life. I grew up in the family business in Illinois so this is what I do. I know nothing else! I love working with families and creating heirlooms from their memories that will be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.

   My wishes are to create a portrait experience for you and your family that thrills you to no end! I accomplish this by creating finished portraits that show you at your best and most confident, as well as portraits that encourage the viewer to see an expression of your character and personality. Working with your family’s lifestyle in mind assures us of creating a unique & personalized work of art.

   Careful planning is one of the main reasons that your portraits will be uniquely different than any other photographer’s work. I will spend time with you before, during, and after the actual portrait session; planning everything from the style of the portrait, location and proper clothing to image selection, size, framing and proper display of your finished portrait art.

   My personal commitment is another reason that your portraits will be awe-inspiring. My photographing from the heart and soul inspires a loving touch that separates my imagery from the rest.

   The major reason for the unique sensitivity of the portraits is my enthusiasm, sincerity, and true desire to create a lasting & timeless portrait of you. My careful blend of psychology, art, and photographic technique give my work a very special style. A style that has many saying these images are truly “images form the soul”.

~ Jeff


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